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Rubik Built leads the way for safety, quality, diversity & structured management

Revolutionizing and executing a new era of construction

At Rubik Built we pride ourselves on delivering practical, innovative and best-quality development services to create better communities. Vertical integration, a client-first approach and safety is at the core of our operations. We achieve difficult, conceptual designs specializing in multifamily, commercial and residential construction.​

Based in Central Valley, California, our foundations are built from a diverse team of skilled builders and developers with global experience who understand the need for a company that comprehends the entire 360 degree development cycle and are powered by positive solutions. Forward thinking and technology driven, we are backed by over 25 years of experience in the industry and known for our powerful solutions and distinguished expertise of the region we operate in.


Rubik Built is environmentally conscious, which is why we are passionate about implementing sustainable practices into our design, building and development processes to deliver sustainable Central Valley communities. 


Rubik Built provides profitable investment opportunities for building and construction projects throughout the Central Valley. To learn more about creating a difference through building future communities and discuss investment that produces premium returns, get in touch with Nic Whetstone or Tommy Phelen.

Our vision

We are a company with a vision - to build better communities in demanding markets

We believe that our vision of building better communities is at the core of every decision we make, whether that is with our clients, investors or partners.

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